Here’s What Prince George Was Really Thinking During That Playdate


Prince George, King of Infants, is being celebrated worldwide for successfully completing his first playdate. Official photos of the event were released by the palace this week — as were the other children once they promised to say only nice things about him. Sadly, no toddlers were invited to this event, as their ability to walk and talk would have probably upstaged Newborn Baby Prince George.

One of the mothers in attendance gave a statement to U.K. newspaper, The Mirror: “Different children develop differently, but George is very advanced for his age. He was crawling and wanting to walk in an advanced way — more so than my son, who is younger than him.”

Wow. Way to throw your own kid under the bus for palace brownie points. You forgot to mention that Prince George was far more attractive than the rat-faced gremlin you are ashamed to call…

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Korean-Style Chicken Wings

Looks yummy!

zOld - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Korean-Style Chicken Wings

This chicken wings contains only 3 ingredients but trust me its way much better than your fried chicken. While eating this you would not believe that this is baked and not fried as it is so crispy on the outside and very juicy from the inside.

So what is the secret?
Egg whites, baking soda and salt. Basically these are tried and tested concepts applied into one dish.
Let’s start with the egg whites, in Chinese cooking coating something with this is an old technique to keep delicate meats and ingredients tender, velvety and juicy. Baking soda and salt on the other hand is not just there for flavour but also to give that extra crispiness which gets its concept from roast pork with skin on where we usually rub the skin with salt to achieve a nice crackling. Drying it also helps a better crispier texture hence we leave…

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BlackBerry May Simply Ditch Those Handsets That Nobody Wants


If BlackBerry doesn’t start making more money on its handset business, the company will consider exiting the market.

In an interview with Reuters, the company’s chief executive officer said that a decision will be made soon.

“If I cannot make money on handsets, I will not be in the handset business,” said John Shen, who took over as CEO of the struggling company late last year.

The company reported a quarterly net loss of $423 million and a 64% drop on revenues in March.

Chen said that the company is increasingly focusing on providing highly secure communications to regulated industries and financial and legal services, as the revelations about the scope of surveillance by the U.S. government has made businesses and governments focus more on security.

“We are going to be more focused on secure communications, secure messaging,” the CEO said.

“We are building an engineering team on the service…

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The Search Zone for the Missing Jet Is Narrowing

Lets continue to Hope. The Least we can do.


The search zone for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now at its most focused yet, as investigators continue to express hope that the hunt for the Boeing 777’s wreckage may soon be at an end, while admitting that serious challenges remain.

Angus Houston, who is coordinating the search in distant waters off Australia’s west coast, said Wednesday that he was “optimistic” that the wreckage would be found “in a matter of days,” and Thursday saw underwater sonar systems known as sonobuoys deployed in an attempt to collect more signals from the doomed aircraft’s black boxes.

“We are still a long way to go, but things are more positive than they were some time ago,” Australian Transport Safety Board chief Martin Dolan told Reuters on Thursday.

Two signals were heard by Australian navy vessel Ocean Shield Tuesday — for five minutes and 32 seconds, and then for around seven minutes…

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We hear this word every day, everywhere, from our homes, our telephones, from friends, colleagues and even strangers. We even hear it from the songs we listen to and the movies we watch
Actually this phrase is used everywhere and every time that it makes it appear that everyone loves every one and that love is all around us.
However you will bear me witness that the above is not necessarily true.
Let’s face it! Around us we have people that really don’t wish the best for us, we have people that don’t care about us and we even have haters. So love cannot be everywhere.
Some people openly argue and say that not everyone deserves to be loved. I have heard this statement several times, “she is so unlovable”. Or “I don’t feel him or her”. Then I ask, is love a feeling or a choice?


Because of the above, everyone is capable and deserves to be loved. I don’t have to feel you or feel good about you to love you. I can choose to love you with your weaknesses and strength. After all nobody is perfect. We are all imperfect beings who God chose to love despite our sinful nature. We should do the same to others regardless of age, race, tribe and physical appearance.


Have you ever used the words “I love you” as a way to get something you wanted? Or even just as a compliment? Or maybe to offset something mean that slipped out, like saying to a friend, “You look like a mess — but I love you!” Sometimes those things happen, and if there’s no easy way to get around a mistake, “I love you” seems to be a sufficient fix to the problem.
Many people have come to the point where it’s easy, and even convenient, to throw around a phrase that used to mean everything. Some people just don’t understand that if we said it a little less, it might mean more when we do say it. If we said “I love you” only to people we truly loved, we’d hear this phrase a lot less.
The phrase means a lot to whoever hears it. Let’s say it only when we mean it.



There have been great moments in my life. These have been absolutely life changing. Lets look at them together.

1. Getting married

This was such a life changing moment. I entered this institution with excitement. I had looked at marriages around me and they looked blissful. I wanted and hoped to get that same blissful experience in my own marriage.

Seven years down this marriage road and am happy to report that am glad i got married at the time i did. There have been ups and downs, but not enough to take away my joy of being married.

2. Jeremiah’s birth.

Jeremiah is my first born son. His birth was so important in my life. Experiencing and going through the process of bringing forth a baby for the first time was both elating and life changing.

This experience made me  honor my parents more and also praise God even more. How he forms a baby from very small seeds, how he sustains them in the woumb for none months aND HOW HE BRINGS THEM OUT is and will always be a mystery. He is God in all things.

3. Jason’s birth.

Jason is my second born son. he is so adorable. Has such a sweet and unique voice. His birth cemented my life time role of being a mom. Having one baby is one thing, having two is a completely new level.

Having them both call you and ask questions at the same time, yell, shout and run around the house when you are trying to concentrate is more training in this life career of being. I have learnt to remain calm, composed and loving in such times even when i feel like yelling back and ordering them to shut up.

4. Janelle’s birth.

Janelle is my third born daughter and the only girl. Her birth was such an exciting moment for the whole family. I remember my husband taking time to read about fathering a daughter when i was still pregnant. At Five months, they already have a great father-daughter bond that is amazing.

The boys cant get over her. They are always around her, kissing her chicks, hugging her and so much more. They are so happy to have a sister.

Janelle’s birth in one way reminded me of my womanhood. I love these four great people in my life. My husband and my children. I thank God every day for them. They have changed my life forever.Image