I have heard people say many times that your biggest enemy is you. Well I have come to believe it. There is so much greatness that God has put in us and yet day by day we live far below that greatness. For some, other people have told them they are not good enough, others have been hindered by their fears and insecurities.
I will never forget a girl on during our university days, who came and told me that she aspired to be a news anchor but feared that such a job was not for her because she was not “beautiful enough”. She said she grew up seeing only beautiful girls reading news on television and presenting. Let me shock you; this girl in my opinion had all the qualities of a good news reader. She was articulate, smart and had a great command of the English language. I told her that the only person who would stop her from achieving her dream is herself. She told me I did not understand, to which I answered that I indeed did not understand. Only she understood.
As I write, this girl is a spokes person for a big company and she is doing very well. She says she really under estimated herself only because many people around her told her that she was a great communicator but only lacked the looks. She unfortunately believed them and yet they lied. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. She only did not believe me then when I told her that, she chose to believe those that lied to her.
Moral Lesson:
You did not create yourself. God did! He therefore knows what you are worth, who you are, and he alone can determine what you can and can’t do. People will always try to put you down because of their own insecurities. You should not take everything people say about you to heart. Let their words and opinions not define you, your self-worth and goals. Look to God your creator, author and finisher of all that concerns you. Your discovery of who God created you to be will release you to achieve much more than you have dreamed of. You are far greater than what you and other people think you are worth.



This is a very common phrase that we all have used at one time or at least have heard being used. What exactly does it mean?
Here is my opinion;
1. Most times people like to associate with successful people or at least people who are like them in many aspects. In a circle of friends if you come off as someone who always has problems, people, even the ones you consider close will begin to distance themselves. Therefore in my opinion a friend that sticks with you during that time when you are not glittering and glowing is a friend indeed. This is because such friends who stick around understand that hard times never last and they are happy to celebrate with you when you become better.

2. I also think that when a friend in need is not afraid of showing his need to friends when times are hard for him or when he is going through a tough time it means that he trusts them and that they are real friends.

The next time you find yourself faking success or happiness to your friends know that they are not real friends and you are not real before them too. I have met people who will do anything to fit in certain circles and will even go an extra mile of faking happiness, riches and so on so as to fit in. It’s high time you found yourself real friends that will allow you be you without any apologies.
In conclusion therefore, we should all know or already know that hard times, struggles never last a life time. Today you might have nothing and yet tomorrow you might be the one with more than you need. Today you might be the borrower and yet tomorrow you may become the lender. Therefore those friends that are constantly with you during the different phases of your life in my opinion are real friends indeed.
Thank you for reading.


Many of us grow up with a dream of having or acquiring a very well paying and highly prestigious job in society. Actually it is always the motivation to read so hard in school and to attain good grades.
As fate would have it, some end up with these prestigious and envious jobs while others end up self-employed because they did not qualify enough for such jobs.
Having acquired the desired jobs, one tends to put so much, study hard, research hard to make sure that they are performing their tasks to the best of their abilities and thus ensuring their job security. This becomes the life style. From one study course to another all in the name of remaining indispensable on the job.
I have come across people who have no other life outside their job. All their dreams and aspirations are related to their jobs and nothing more. In fact with such people, when you suggest that probably their job has made them anti-social and has isolated them, they look at you like an enemy.
Trouble comes though when such people are dismissed from their jobs or laid off because of one reason or another. Many do not have the courage or strength to move on. Many probably might never have thought of life beyond their jobs. And most probably many end up slipping into depression or even committing suicide.
For those that however manage to pull themselves together, they end up doing big things and changing the world with great ideas that they thought they never had while on the job.
Many years ago, a father to six biological and many other non-biological children got issues with his immediate boss and was sent on forced leave. While on forced leave he had a chance to think hard about life. This time, about life without his prestigious job that had fed him and his family for so many years. After careful thinking, he decided that after the forced leave, he would not return to his job. Instead he wrote a resignation letter and sent it to his overseas bosses who begged him to stay but he refused. To cut the long story short that forced leave was a blessing in disguise for this gentleman because he began his own company which has grown and is employing other people.
As I write this, today this gentleman is running a successful company that is competing with the company that employed him for years. If he had not left, his company would not be in existence and he would still be an employee and all his employees today would probably be unemployed.
Let’s explore together ways how we can all make any job a dismissal work in our favor.
1. Look at it as an opportunity for a fresh new start.

Even though change is part of life, many of us fear change. However if change is forced on you through a job dismissal, take some time to think, refocus, re- invent yourself before launching into another job. In that time of thinking you might realize that actually it is not another job that you need but your own project, company or business. All these you might never have thought about because you were always busy on the job.

2. Look at your lost job having been training ground for a better career or business.

You might have spent half of your life on this job and now you feel like you have wasted so many years of your life. Look better, not all is lost. You have amerced so much knowledge and skills from this job and it is time to put this knowledge and skills into a new venture. Therefore instead of hating your former bosses, thank them for investing in you so much knowledge and skills over the years. Let them know also that you intend to put these skills into great use elsewhere.

3. Put whatever knowledge and skill to work.

It is one thing to have gotten so much knowledge and skill s and it is another thing putting them to good use and having them work for you. You could either use your experience to look for a better job or use it to start something of your own. We should not always think that we can only be productive while working for others. We can also be productive while working for ourselves. Start doing something with that experience you got form your previous job and create employment for other people. Oh yes you can!

4. Last but not least, thank God you were dismissed.

This might sound ironical but it is true. Someone might be asking, “How can I thank God for a job dismissal?” You will agree with me that while on a job, we tend to focus only on that job. We even tend to think that it is the only thing we can do well and that without it we are nothing and useless.
Let me shock you. There is so much more potential and greatness in you than you think and can ever imagine. It is only when pushed away from the security a job gives that our creativity comes to life.
However we should not always wait for a job dismissal to engage our creative minds. Even while on that prestigious, well-paying job, engage your creative minds and birth as many ideas as possible. With this, a job dismissal is and will never send you into a depression or panic. Always be prepared.

Silverback Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

Priceless experience

Confessions of An Intrepid Traveler

Tracking the endangered Silverback gorillas was hands-down one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve had as a travel writer. The anticipation of seeing them in the wild was enhanced by the fact that they are very difficult to find. If you fly into Rwanda’s Kigali Airport, it takes a 2.5 hour harrowing drive to the Virunga National Park where the gorillas reside. Afterwards, with the guidance of an expert tracker, you hike between 1-2 hours to a higher elevation in the mountains to find them. A guy with a machete hacks away the gnarly branches along the way…


If there was rain that day or the previous day, you may want to consider hiring a “porter” who will carry your bags, equipment, and help you navigate the muddy incline.


Finally…you reach the gorillas and you are able to watch and take pictures of them for one hour in their natural…

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Written by; Anne Nakure Onyodi
I had always traveled to south western Uganda and even toured most of the amazing places that are pleasant to the eye. What made this trip different though was the amount of time I accorded to each destination, the warm people I traveled with and most of all the new discoveries. Below am going to share my experience from each destination and of course the bonus new discoveries that did not leave me the same.
1. Mt Mgahinga national Park.

I had been to this place many times but I had never hiked. This time round though, not only did I get to listen to the great history of these ranges (Virunga ranges), I discovered that Mt. Muhavura which appears to the biggest of them all is actually the youngest. If we were to judge by appearance like many travelers do, one would think that Mt Muhavura is the oldest yet the reverse is true.
The game ranger who escorted us for our hike was so gracious and patient enough to answer all our questions. He would explain that now we have reached the Boarder of Uganda with Rwanda and DRC while hiking. He was even kind enough to let us take pictures with him.
We got up close and personal with the imposing Virunga ranges, a sight that clearly will never leave our minds soon

Mt Muhavura 1560555_586237841453188_808144956_n

2. Lake Chahafi Resort

This is a small resort in Kisoro towards Rwanda that we actually did not know existed. However while in Kisoro, we heard locals talk about it and since we had traveled with a sole purpose of touring, we decided to go visit it.
For people who have been to nice Kampala resorts like Speke resort Munyonyo, Lake Chahafi was definitely not a match. However it has got so much potential for growth and don’t be surprised if in two years’ time it is one of the leading resorts in Kisoro.
Located by the banks of Lake Chahafi which is shared with Rwanda, apart from the water, one gets to enjoy the sight of the hills of Uganda and Rwanda and of course socializing with the locals.
Even though they could not get us the fish we had wanted to snack on, the beautiful scenery filled the gap and it was worth our time.



3. Lake Murehe

This is one of the crater lakes in South Western Uganda that is not known to many despite being one of the beautiful lakes I have ever seen.
This huge and beautiful lake is bordered by many hills and decorated by many small islands that look like flowers scattered all over the water.
This lake is located in the middle of beautiful hills which are good for lonely or group hikes whereby for every stop over, one relaxes while feasting on the beauty of this lake.
If you are a traveler contemplating making a trip to Kisoro, don’t leave without visiting lake Murehe.
My friends and I had a great time there and we hope to visit it again. It was time well spent!


4. Nkuringo and the Gorillas.

Every time we traveled to Kisoro, we would visit every place there is to visit but never had we tracked Gorillas. This time round we purposed to go to Bwindi and also get a chance to visit these rare endangered species of the Mountain Gorillas that the world comes to see at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.
We decided to approach the park from Nkuringo and were assisted by the smiley and welcoming staff of Nkuringo who not only gave us all the info we needed to know about Mountain Gorillas but also helped us with the entire tracking safari.
Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the home of the world’s most rare Mountain Gorillas was the highlight of our Kisoro tour.

Dad and sonbwindi-impenetrable-forest1


5. Lake Mutanda and Lake Mutanda resort

To get to Lake Mutanda and Lake Mutanda resort, we literally had to go round hills whose number I cannot remember. We actually kept wondering if we were on the right round. Meeting other tourist cars as we approached it helped calm our fears.
When we did finally get near it, it was so beautiful and literally worth all our wondering around the hills. It is also very large and clear like Lake Murehe which is typical of crater lakes.
Lake Mutanda resort is located right at the peninsular and we were relieved to see it as we envisioned having a snack as we enjoyed the amazing of Lake Mutanda.
We were however disappointed to find that Lake Mutanda resort does not cater for walk in customers. The owner was the only one bold enough to tell us that they only cater for in-house guests as other staff members just feared to look us straight in the eyes from the moment we arrived.
We thus left hastily to our warm hosts who took care of our fatigue and hunger with a mouthwatering meal and a hot coffee.
Our experience at Lake Mutanda resort did not however water down our entire experience. It still was worth our every single minute.


Thank you for reading and watch out for tales from my next travel destination.

Burger Steak

zOld - Ang Sarap (A Tagalog word for "It's Delicious")

Burger Steak

Salisbury steak or Burger Steak (that’s what we call it in Philippines) is made out of minced meat shaped to mimic steak drenched in a brown gravy commonly topped with mushrooms. A dish invented not by a chef but by an American Physician named James Salisbury in 1888. He invented this dish as a health food and believed that this steak, when consumed three times a day combined with lots of water and/or caffeine, was a perfect defence against a host of physical problems which is caused by eating vegetables and starchy foods. He was convinced that vegetables and starch can produce poison in the digestive tract which in turn was the main cause of heart disease, tumours, tuberculosis and psychosis to name some. The beef used by the doctors during this time were lean mince meats and composed mostly of beef and no by-products or offal included. It was…

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Research has shown that Right from birth, children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections with peers.
These children also are less likely to get in trouble at home, school, or in the neighborhood. Infants who receive high levels of affection from their fathers (e.g., babies whose fathers re¬spond quickly to their cries and who play with them) are more securely attached; that is, they can explore their environment comfortably when a parent is nearby and can readily accept comfort from their parent after a brief separation. A number of studies suggest they also are more sociable and popular with other children throughout early childhood.
The way fathers play with their children also has an im¬portant impact on a child’s emotional and social develop¬ment. Fathers spend a much higher percentage of their one-on-one interaction with infants and preschoolers in stimulating, playful activity than do mothers. From these interactions, children learn how to regulate their feelings and behavior. Rough-housing with dad, for example, can teach children how to deal with aggressive impulses and physical contact without losing control of their emotions.
Daddies don’t live parenting only to mommies. Children right from birth want to hear daddy’s voice and connect. Dad’s voice is different from moms and babies can tell the difference at even a few weeks old.
Let your children hear and know that you love them as many times as possible. Say “I love you” often! Let your child, from the earliest days, know that he or she is special to you. You can never say “I love you enough. Don’t stop.
Knowing that they have daddy’s love is security enough. It does not matter what anybody else says, daddy’s love can keep them going.