I have heard people say many times that your biggest enemy is you. Well I have come to believe it. There is so much greatness that God has put in us and yet day by day we live far below that greatness. For some, other people have told them they are not good enough, others have been hindered by their fears and insecurities.
I will never forget a girl on during our university days, who came and told me that she aspired to be a news anchor but feared that such a job was not for her because she was not “beautiful enough”. She said she grew up seeing only beautiful girls reading news on television and presenting. Let me shock you; this girl in my opinion had all the qualities of a good news reader. She was articulate, smart and had a great command of the English language. I told her that the only person who would stop her from achieving her dream is herself. She told me I did not understand, to which I answered that I indeed did not understand. Only she understood.
As I write, this girl is a spokes person for a big company and she is doing very well. She says she really under estimated herself only because many people around her told her that she was a great communicator but only lacked the looks. She unfortunately believed them and yet they lied. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever met. She only did not believe me then when I told her that, she chose to believe those that lied to her.
Moral Lesson:
You did not create yourself. God did! He therefore knows what you are worth, who you are, and he alone can determine what you can and can’t do. People will always try to put you down because of their own insecurities. You should not take everything people say about you to heart. Let their words and opinions not define you, your self-worth and goals. Look to God your creator, author and finisher of all that concerns you. Your discovery of who God created you to be will release you to achieve much more than you have dreamed of. You are far greater than what you and other people think you are worth.