This is a very common phrase that we all have used at one time or at least have heard being used. What exactly does it mean?
Here is my opinion;
1. Most times people like to associate with successful people or at least people who are like them in many aspects. In a circle of friends if you come off as someone who always has problems, people, even the ones you consider close will begin to distance themselves. Therefore in my opinion a friend that sticks with you during that time when you are not glittering and glowing is a friend indeed. This is because such friends who stick around understand that hard times never last and they are happy to celebrate with you when you become better.

2. I also think that when a friend in need is not afraid of showing his need to friends when times are hard for him or when he is going through a tough time it means that he trusts them and that they are real friends.

The next time you find yourself faking success or happiness to your friends know that they are not real friends and you are not real before them too. I have met people who will do anything to fit in certain circles and will even go an extra mile of faking happiness, riches and so on so as to fit in. It’s high time you found yourself real friends that will allow you be you without any apologies.
In conclusion therefore, we should all know or already know that hard times, struggles never last a life time. Today you might have nothing and yet tomorrow you might be the one with more than you need. Today you might be the borrower and yet tomorrow you may become the lender. Therefore those friends that are constantly with you during the different phases of your life in my opinion are real friends indeed.
Thank you for reading.


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