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Many of us grow up with a dream of having or acquiring a very well paying and highly prestigious job in society. Actually it is always the motivation to read so hard in school and to attain good grades.
As fate would have it, some end up with these prestigious and envious jobs while others end up self-employed because they did not qualify enough for such jobs.
Having acquired the desired jobs, one tends to put so much, study hard, research hard to make sure that they are performing their tasks to the best of their abilities and thus ensuring their job security. This becomes the life style. From one study course to another all in the name of remaining indispensable on the job.
I have come across people who have no other life outside their job. All their dreams and aspirations are related to their jobs and nothing more. In fact with such people, when you suggest that probably their job has made them anti-social and has isolated them, they look at you like an enemy.
Trouble comes though when such people are dismissed from their jobs or laid off because of one reason or another. Many do not have the courage or strength to move on. Many probably might never have thought of life beyond their jobs. And most probably many end up slipping into depression or even committing suicide.
For those that however manage to pull themselves together, they end up doing big things and changing the world with great ideas that they thought they never had while on the job.
Many years ago, a father to six biological and many other non-biological children got issues with his immediate boss and was sent on forced leave. While on forced leave he had a chance to think hard about life. This time, about life without his prestigious job that had fed him and his family for so many years. After careful thinking, he decided that after the forced leave, he would not return to his job. Instead he wrote a resignation letter and sent it to his overseas bosses who begged him to stay but he refused. To cut the long story short that forced leave was a blessing in disguise for this gentleman because he began his own company which has grown and is employing other people.
As I write this, today this gentleman is running a successful company that is competing with the company that employed him for years. If he had not left, his company would not be in existence and he would still be an employee and all his employees today would probably be unemployed.
Let’s explore together ways how we can all make any job a dismissal work in our favor.
1. Look at it as an opportunity for a fresh new start.

Even though change is part of life, many of us fear change. However if change is forced on you through a job dismissal, take some time to think, refocus, re- invent yourself before launching into another job. In that time of thinking you might realize that actually it is not another job that you need but your own project, company or business. All these you might never have thought about because you were always busy on the job.

2. Look at your lost job having been training ground for a better career or business.

You might have spent half of your life on this job and now you feel like you have wasted so many years of your life. Look better, not all is lost. You have amerced so much knowledge and skills from this job and it is time to put this knowledge and skills into a new venture. Therefore instead of hating your former bosses, thank them for investing in you so much knowledge and skills over the years. Let them know also that you intend to put these skills into great use elsewhere.

3. Put whatever knowledge and skill to work.

It is one thing to have gotten so much knowledge and skill s and it is another thing putting them to good use and having them work for you. You could either use your experience to look for a better job or use it to start something of your own. We should not always think that we can only be productive while working for others. We can also be productive while working for ourselves. Start doing something with that experience you got form your previous job and create employment for other people. Oh yes you can!

4. Last but not least, thank God you were dismissed.

This might sound ironical but it is true. Someone might be asking, “How can I thank God for a job dismissal?” You will agree with me that while on a job, we tend to focus only on that job. We even tend to think that it is the only thing we can do well and that without it we are nothing and useless.
Let me shock you. There is so much more potential and greatness in you than you think and can ever imagine. It is only when pushed away from the security a job gives that our creativity comes to life.
However we should not always wait for a job dismissal to engage our creative minds. Even while on that prestigious, well-paying job, engage your creative minds and birth as many ideas as possible. With this, a job dismissal is and will never send you into a depression or panic. Always be prepared.