Burger Steak

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Burger Steak

Salisbury steak or Burger Steak (that’s what we call it in Philippines) is made out of minced meat shaped to mimic steak drenched in a brown gravy commonly topped with mushrooms. A dish invented not by a chef but by an American Physician named James Salisbury in 1888. He invented this dish as a health food and believed that this steak, when consumed three times a day combined with lots of water and/or caffeine, was a perfect defence against a host of physical problems which is caused by eating vegetables and starchy foods. He was convinced that vegetables and starch can produce poison in the digestive tract which in turn was the main cause of heart disease, tumours, tuberculosis and psychosis to name some. The beef used by the doctors during this time were lean mince meats and composed mostly of beef and no by-products or offal included. It was…

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